Driving Directions

The Garden Club of Lebanon
meets at a variety of locations depending on the activity.

For events at the Lebanon Visitors Center, the address is:
221 West St Louis Street, Lebanon, IL 62254

Visitor Center Map

From hwy 4/50,  (stop lights @ top of hill) turn west on St Louis Street (the brick street).
The Visitors’ Center is on the north side in the second block.

For events at  the Mermaid Inn,  the address is:
114 East St Louis Street, Lebanon, IL  62254

Mermaid House Map

From Hwy 4/50 turn east (from stop lights @ top of hill) following hwy 50.
The Mermaid Inn is in the first block on the south side of the road.

For events at the Emerald Mound Grange, the address is:
10001 Emerald Mound Grange Rd, Lebanon IL  62254

Grange Hall Map

The Grange building is located 1 mile east of Lebanon on US Hwy 50.
From Hwy 4/50 turn east (from stop lights @ top of hill – following US Hwy 50 – toward Trenton/Carlyle)
The Grange is located on the north side of the road.

Call us at (618) 537-4368  or (618) 977-9735 

Lebanon Illinois is located where US Hwy 50 and Illinois Hwy 4 join together (for approximately 3,274 feet).  Hwy 50 runs east/west and
Hwy 4 runs north south.  You can access Hwy 4 from Interstates 64, 70,  and 55. Lebanon is located 11 miles south of I-70, 22 miles south of I-55 and 4 miles north of I-64.

US Hwy 50 also connects with Internet 64 near Scott AFB and O’Fallon Illinois.  It runs to and beyond Carlyle Lake. Lebanon is 7 miles from the I-64 exit of US Hwy 50.

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