College Cemetery Tree Plantings

Tree Planting in
College Hill Cemetery 2016

     The Garden Club, in partnership with the Lebanon City Streets and Alleys, and the most generous donations from various clubs and private individuals have collectively planted 13 trees in College Cemetery over the past 3 years.  Arbor Day 2016 brought forward 9 of those trees of the following native varieties:  Autumn Blaze Maple, Tulip Poplar, Black Gum, Pink Dogwood, and White Dogwood.  See end of this article for city-approved tree list.

Garden Club 6
Several organizations from Lebanon came to help with the plantings in College Hill Cemetery.
     Your organization, church group, fraternity/sorority, and/or your family can make a significant difference.  Several private families have donated a tree as a living memorial for someone they love and miss.
So how about planting a tree that you as well as other can watch grow and beautify the Lebanon community for one’s lifetime and then some?   Fall is the best time to plant and we have set the entire month of October to do just that!
You can plant the tree yourself or just donate the tree, we will see that all — flowering trees and/or shade trees get placed, installed, staked, mulched, and regularly watered.  The Garden Club will provide the guidance and assistance as needed.  Don’t have time to look for that special tree, the Garden Club will do that for you!

City Council Approved Tree List:
Flowering Trees:
Redbud; Whitebud, Dogwood, Service Berry
Shade Trees:
Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Shantung Maple, Red Oak, Swamp Oak, Black Gum (no this is not a Gum Ball Tree)

Earthtones Nursery in Lebanon has a list of approved trees and a great selection from which to choose.   If Earthtones doesn’t have what you are desiring, there are several nurseries/garden centers that just may do the trick.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT:  Jonathan Svoboda, 618.537.4368 or email:

New Website!

Coming Up in the World!

It is with great pride that we are creating our new website and presenting it to you.  As of this date (5/13/2016) we are releasing the site to the world, though there are things left to do.

We are looking for photographs of club activities, as well as taking submissions for articles to be put on the site.  Bring them to the meetings, or contact us through our contact page.


Ruby Throated Hummingbird Migration 2016


The Hummingbirds Are In Our Area Illinois Since Mid March and Many More Are Passing Through Making Their Way North!! 

2016 First Sightings Map

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May Market Plant Sales

May Market Plant Sales

The Garden Club completely sold EVERY plant….all 800+ of them this year!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you some more to all who came by AND told your friends!

Students helping the Mini Park

Pictures Below Are McKendree Students Helping Garden Club
Boost Two Community Projects
McKendree student volunteers partner with the Garden Club of Lebanon and offer a most appreciated one-day boost to gardening projects in both the Lebanon Mini-Park and the Mermaid Gardens (see photos below).

A Fun Growing Club